Long considered “the bones of Mother Earth,” stone represents foundation and unwavering fortitude. Gemstones, the polished products of the mineral and rock around us, are the fruits of a loving labor to bring to life their hidden brilliance. Therapy is much the same. We each possess the strength of stone, as well as the unique, individualized beauty of a gem. At times, we lose touch with these important parts of ourselves and can feel weak, confused, and alone. To help people recognize their strength, appreciate their value, and continue to forge towards personalized health and wellbeing is the mission of Gemstone Wellness, Inc.

The clinicians at Gemstone Wellness, Inc. are dedicated to providing culturally sensitive, empathically driven therapy to those seeking a deepened sense of personal awareness and insight. Safety and trust are paramount to the culture of Gemstone Wellness, Inc., and we would love to welcome you into our warm, inviting space. 

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